Ragnar Felltooth

A runepriest (Sanction Psyker)


Ragnar Felltooth is young ambitious and highly optimistic rune priest from a small tribe of fenris.
From a young age Ragnar showed ambitions that varried greatly to that of other young tribesmen with a keen intrest in how to build rather than how to destroy. Whiles still physically empowered it was Ragnars lust for knowledge that seperated him and made him something of an outcast.

As a young boy Ragnar worked for an armourmonger crafting grand spears, war axes and magnificent ceremite wolf pelts that should have been beyond his capabilties. It was soon apparent that he had some form of latent psychic abilities that lay dormant, only manifesting enough to perform grand feats of craftsmenship.

He was soon quickly abducted by the rune priests known only as the wulfkin, though by many as a strange legend used to scare children into behaving as if the many fell beasts of fenris were not enough. They taught him to manafest his powers, to see the future, make his flesh like that of iron and to smite those who stood in his way with great bolts of biological energies. When the imperium came to raise an elite force from the small population of fenris the wulfkin was quickly disbanded and joined the 1st Fenrisian Fangborn. The true intentions of the wulfkin and reasons as to why this secret society reveiled itself however is currently unkown.

Ragnar Felltooth

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