Colonel Rurik Von Lichtenstein

Colonel of the First Fenrisian Fangborn


Character Sheet

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
42 45 45 53 43 42 39 41 39

- Movement: 4/8/12/24 Wounds: 18
- Armour: Ceremonial Wolf Plate (3 Arms, Legs; 6 Chest). Total TB: 5
- Skills: Athletics (S), Awareness (Per), Common Lore (War)(Int), Parry (WS), Dodge (Ag), Forbidden Lore (Heresy) (Int), Operate (Surface) (Ag), Speak Language (Low Gothic), Security , Scholastic Law (Tactica Imperialis)(Int)
- Talents: Nerves of Steel, Rapid Reload, Ambidextrous, Lightening reflexes, Catfall, Deadeye shot, Takedown, Weapon training (Bolt)(Low tech)
- Weapons Power Axe (Melee; 1d10+7 R; Pen 7), Bolt Pistol (Pistol; 30m; S/2/–; 1d10+5 I; Pen 4; Clip 8; Reload Full; Tearing)
- Gear: Ceremonial Wolf Plate, Rune necklace, Tobbac Tin , Mono Great Axe, Bolt Pistol, 2 clips Bolt Pistol


Colonel Rurik Von Lichtenstein has been the commanding officer of the first fenrisian fangborn regiment since its creation.

He is a man long of years who stands a head taller than any other soldier of his regiment. A genetic accident or perhaps augmentations have allowed the Colonel to mantain an intimidating physique even in his later years. He dresses in a ceremonial wolf plate fashioned from the archaic beast home to Fenris and a strong ceramite breat plate which hold the strong scent of the rich tobacc he regularly smokes.

His soldiers have an immense deal of respect for him as legends and tales of his feats in battle through leading on the front line resonate with the tribal traditions of Fenris. They Affectornately refer to him as Colonel Mustard while not formally addressing him, the reason for this is still unknown.

Colonel Rurik Von Lichtenstein

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